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Network Solutions

High security, high performance, scalable and customized solutions suitable for your corporate business needs.

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Increases efficiency
Increases security
Increases user experience
Ensures compliance with legal obligations
Provides business continuity
Shortens intervention time
Communication Network

During the digitalization process, ensures the uninterrupted end-to-end management of complex communication network infrastructures in order for organizations to be competitive in their respective sectors.


  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • Wireless Network (Wi-Fi)
  • Network Monitoring and Management (NMS)
Software Defined Networking Solutions

We help our customers to implement new types of applications, services and business models effectively, in a short time and for a reduced cost by applying Software Defined Networking (SDN) technology.


  • ACI
  • SD-Access
  • Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)
Integrated Communication Systems

With the Integrated Communication Systems solutions offered, we ensure our corporate customers communicate effectively in dynamic working environments anywhere and at any time.


  • Audio
  • Video Conferencing
  • Web Conferencing
Network Automation

Thanks to the customer specific network automation interfaces we develop, we can manage the manufacturer-independent network infrastructures of our customers from a single point, without the need for expertise. In this way, we reduce the burden on IT Operations.

In this concept;

  • Network Automation & Analytics Solution
  • Open Source Solutions (Python, Netbox, Ansible)
Networking Software Solutions

By developing analytical platforms integrated with LoraWAN and Wi-Fi technologies implemented by Airmind – the software company within our group – we help organizations create added value with new business models and services through their own network infrastructures.

Analytics Platform AirVision LoRaWAN IoT

AirVision operates as part of the infrastructure of the application server LoRaWAN and provides an online overview of customers’ LoRaWAN networks by analyzing data collected from LoRaAlliance certified sensors in the field. At the same time, it helps customers to take proactive and smart actions in the light of this data.

Highlights of LoRaWAN Technology

  • Long Distance Coverage
    Provides up to 15 km of coverage in ideal conditions
  • Longer Battery Life
    Provides longer battery life as it consumes less energy
  • Low Service Cost
    With its flexible and secure architecture, it enables the system infrastructure to be commissioned at a low cost
  • Alternative Technology
    Carries into effect the cases that cannot be serviced with Wi-Fi and cellular communication technologies
  • Unlicensed Private Network
    Provides the opportunity to establish public and private networks without the need of a license
  • IoT Business Models
    Provides new revenue generating business models in the IoT industry especially for service providers

Areas LoRaWAN is Used

  • Management of Smart Cities
    Reliable and low-cost infrastructure for smart city systems such as waste management, lighting and parking
  • Longer Battery Life
    Provides longer battery life as it consumes less energy
  • Inventory Tracking
    WTracking by collecting location information from people and inventories
  • Measurement of Gas, Water and Utility Meters
    Reading and measuring gas and water meters remotely at very low costs

AirSight Wi-Fi Analytics & Marketing Platform

The AirSight Wi-Fi Analytical & Marketing Platform uses Wi-Fi network infrastructures to analyze the presence, demographic features and interests of visiting customers, measures the performance of the venues, and assesses customer behaviors through survey and campaign modules. Thus, it provides value-added data regarding the sales and marketing processes of organizations.

What Kind of Data is Obtained through Wi-Fi Analytics?

  • Headcount
    Tracking the visitors on hourly, daily and weekly basis
  • Visit Analysis
    Analyzing unique customers visiting the store
  • Loyal Customer
    Visit frequency of visitors
  • Cross Visit
    Data on customers' visits to different shops
  • Duration of Presence
    Time spent at the location
  • Visit Frequency
    Frequency of customers' re-visits

What Does AirSight Platform Provide?

  • Creating Customer Profile
    Creates a visitor profile with detailed and accurate data and expands the customer database
  • Venue Analysis
    Measures store density performance
  • Brand Promotion
    Promotes your brand on Wi-Fi hotspot page
  • Real Time Visitor Survey
    DReceives customer feedback via SMS or a survey via Hotspot interface
  • Smart Marketing
    Automatically personalizes customer marketing campaigns
  • Increasing the Number of Loyalty Program Users
    Creates an integrated registration system through loyalty programs

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