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Mas Defense Supply is providing highest protection level bullet resistant glass for the armored combat vehicles. We supply the best bullet resistant glass with best clarity and strength with High level protection certificates. An Approved quality to protect the soldiers and lives.

Mas Defense Supply
Mas Defense Supply
Know How

Mas Defense Supply produces for vehicles intended for the use by the military and law enforcement forces. With the advances technology production, know-how and years of experience, Mas Defense Supply able to serve all kind of bullet resistant glasses for armored army and law enforcement vehicles around the world. We are supplying the best products which are combination of Know How and the best raw materials in the world.

Protection At All Levels

All of our bullet resistant glasses are certified with the international ballistic certification labs for each protection level. Our bullet proof glasses are tested to meet variety of threat levels for different protection levels.

Mas Defense Supply
Mas Defense Supply
Reliable Partner

Mas Defense Supply is one of the best military grade bullet resistant glass supplier in the world with high level production standards and deep know how. And this makes us reliable partner for your projects.

Designed For Extreme

Mas Defense Supply provides the best bullet resistang glasses for the extreme and harsh conditions.

Mas Defense Supply

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