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Digital Payments

Mas Defense Supply

Monitor sales, customers, revenues in a fast and convenient way right inside your smartphone or your laptop.

Mas Defense Supply
PCI/DSS Security

Payment transactions are made under PCI/DSS regulatory standards. We work hard to keep you and your customers safe.

Mas Defense Supply
Web/Mobile Interfaces

Don't worry about the responsive part. We already did that! Multiple web and mobile interfaces for you and your customers.

Mas Defense Supply
Multi - Tenant

Different retailers, one single platform. Customers will use one app when shopping from different retailers.

Mas Defense Supply
BLE/QR Payments

Collect payments via BLE and/or QR from your customers. Easy, fast and the most importantly, secure!

Mas Defense Supply
Hardware Independent

Payment app works on every smart device running on iOS/Android. You can use whichever device you want.

Set up your payment platform in minutes, not days

Digital payments platform is ready-to-use, easy to integrate cloud solution.

  • Real-time data monitoring
    You business data at your fingertips.
  • Customer management
    Manage and monitor your customers.
  • Open API architecture
    Open API makes global integrations easy.
Mas Defense Supply
Mas Defense Supply
Merchant app: new generation payment terminal

Transform any smart device into a payment terminal. In-store or door payments.

  • Advanced payment terminal
    Smart device, smart app.
  • Collect payments anywhere
    Process payments on-the-go.
  • In-app transaction monitoring
    Track your revenue real-time.
Customer app: more than a digital wallet

Secure digital wallet packed with card tokenization, crypto payments and many more.

  • Combined digital wallet
    Your cards and cryptos are in same app.
  • New generation payments
    Pay with your most preferred options.
  • Spending monitoring
    Monitor your transaction history.
Mas Defense Supply